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Our market started in the fall of 2020, as a Micro Test Farm, at our cabin in the Hills of Brown County Indiana.
Beginning with a scientific research approach, we focused on producing the healthiest, best flavor, high yield crop, with low impact. Our water is processed through a commercial 6 stage RO system, with quality testing to ensure we start with the purest and pH balanced H20. Next we sourced the top natural based nutrients for our plants. Months of research & testing went in to insuring we utilize the highest quality Non-GMO, Heirloom, USDA Organic Seeds. All of our greens & produce is grown through the use of hydroponic, aeroponic, dutch, NFT and natural based mediums such as coco coir & clay rock at 90% less water consumption than traditional grow methods. Our light sources are a mix of the suns rays, along with multiple spectrum low power LED, to maintain low impact methods. Our facility is monitored and controlled not only by hand but also through computer & robotics, and systems we designed & fabricated. Our beautiful plants are given the best care possible, which also includes computer controlled audio systems that play a mix of birds, music, sounds of nature that changes from day to night.

Along with growing a healthy local food source, we also strive to build a community of whole body wellness with our customers.

*Our present packaging utilizes rPET through the EcoStar™ program, a leader in sustainable low impact including energy savings, water recycling, and post recycled material. Our supplier of containers has recycled 157,037,043 water bottles already as of 2/21/2021 alone. For more information on our packaging supplier can be found at: https://www.placon.com/about/sustainability/

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Lotus Petal

Founder, Design/Research, Head Chef


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“Flavorful. Fresh. Fantastic micro greens are a perfect enhancement to a meal in many ways—nutritionally and visually..”

– Laura McCracken


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